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Weekly Signs

Weekly Directional Sign packages

Directional Signs, Location Specific Weekly Sign Placement Services

52 Weeks Per Year For 10+ Years... Non-stop... Zero Failures. Ever... Ask Our Clients.

We offer as many referrals as needed for our weekly direction sign placement service.

Several Twin City Suburbs have approved Builder's Solutions of MN as the only vendor allowed to do weekly directional signs in their cities. We work with each city individually to ensure all aspects of the laws & regulations are respected. We know its your logo on the sign... not Ours.


Weekly Directional Sign Services

We offer weekly sign placement services, also known as directional signs or location specific signs to;

  • Open Houses

  • Model Homes

  • Townhomes

  • Condos

  • Communities

  • Developments

  • Apartments

Call 763-441-1171

Weekly Rates:

15 - 29:   $2.50/ea.

30 -  49:    $2.10/ea.

50 - 99:  $2.05/ea.

100 - 149:  $1.95/ea.

150 - 199:  $1.85/ea.

200+        :  $1.80/ea. 


Install: after 5PM Fridays

Remove: after 5PM Sundays

Minimum: 15 qty.

Payment Cycle: 4 weeks in advance

We have multiple crews, every weekend, all over the Twin Cities to ensure consistent weekly distribution. Zero failures.