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SEO/search.engine.optimization services

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Search Engine Optimization is a non-technical language whereas the process used to make a website "search engine friendly". When designing and optimizing your website keep in mind that search engines rarely index images and Flash does not get indexed well either. The search engines index "text", it is imperative to select the right key words for optimum results from search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimization Techniques with our network of professionals are proven to get your site ranking on the first page of search results. Builder's Solutions of MN also provides website hosting and design services. We can build an information and/or a e-commerce website for you while incorporating Search Engine Optimization into the design and structure.

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All of our SEO/Full-Service clients benefit from our own SEO website, 70+ construction industry specific pages allow for us to create tremendous back-linking opportunities for our SEO/Full-Service clients.

Each one of our clients' SEO work is specific to their particular industry's terms. No two websites will have the same SEO work. As much as we would like to place a price on here for you, there is just no way to determine the over-all cost without knowing more about you and your internet / website goals. We DO NOT charge a monthly fee (industry average starting monthly amount is $300/mo.), like all of our other services, by the hour, bringing value to your SEO work! Since Google's new alythograms in 2012, a combination of factors determines your rankings, including;

  • Keywords on your website with White Hat Techniques ONLY.
  • Google Maps
  • Google Location Services
  • Social Network Out-Reach
  • Industry Related Back-links
  • And Much More...

We can easily create a SEO Markeitng plan for you & your website, it all starts with a little more information about your websites & your goals.


Click on the icon to quickly & easily schedule an appointment with us at your convenience! Schedule Appointment Contact Us